About Us

About Us

Our Story

Amazing Leather is a prime example of the American dream. Our family has manufactured and distributed leather good globally for three generations from a small town called Kanpur in India but in 1985, Naseer had a dream and vision to establish an American company with the same values and craftmanship. That is when Amazing Leather was born and our products have been carried proudly since then.

Built to Last for Your Grandchildren

Our ISO: 9001 Certified Italian Vegetable tanned leather is produced using old world techniques in house and ethically sourced from quality, reputable cattle farms around the world. We have a team of three Sourcing Specialists that travel regularly to India, Argentina, and Italy to ensure we always have the best raw materials available for production.

ISO 9001 Certified

Ethically sourced from top tier cattle farms in India, Argentina, and Italy.

Functional Design

Inspired by timeless leather goods and built for modern digital lifestyles.

Built to Last

All of our products have a lifetime warranty. Every. Single. One. No proof of purchase needed - in the unlikely need of any repairs simply contact us for a free shipping label.